Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Siftpy - Python, SIFT, siftpp

Here is a first version of a Python interface called siftpy for the excellent siftpp C++ code that is written by Andrea Vedaldi. SIFT algorithm is devised (and patented) by David Lowe, who has his own C implementation for the algorithm; Vedaldi's code is written from scratch without any dependencies.

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  1. Great Work, Thanks for the binding!
    Just wanted to let you know on my 64 Bit System had to add -fPIC to the scripts G++ argument.

    Also everyone make sure you download the simplified C++ version from the website - you can get it here:

    I'm currently writing my own histogram-hashing algorithm based on a scientifix paper I read, I'll post with my results of the algorithm when I get a chance.