Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I will publish sample code (Python), and solutions for selected questions found in Andrew Gelman's excellent book Bayesian Data Analysis 2nd Edition (GCSR). Each posting will be solution for one question, if required, will include mathematical formulas (using, and Python, R code. R code will be copy and paste from Gelman's own solutions PDF. We might also include code from Guilherme Rocha (another Bayesian Statistics lecturer), or from Jeff Hart (Texas A&M), or from Brian Junker (Carnegie Mellon University).

To install R on ubuntu, apt-get install r-base and r-base-dev.

You can run the R code from command line using "R -f [file]". If there are plots displayed in the R code, they will be dumped into a file called Rplots.pdf in your current directory.


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