Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Statsmodels - Ordinary Least Squares

Here is a simple example of performing ordinary least squares using Scikits Statsmodels. Extra column of '1's in X matrix was added to determine the intercept of the regression line, sm.add_constant() call could also be used to add this extra column.
import numpy as np
import scikits.statsmodels as sm

y = [11,14,19,26]

X = [[1,1],[2,1],[3,1],[4,1]]

olsmod = sm.OLS(y, X)
olsres = olsmod.fit()

print olsres.params
print olsres.bse

# predict using new data points
ypred = olsmod.predict([[5,1],[6,1]])
print ypred

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